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Top 5 Ways To Accessorise A Silver Dress

Ways To Accessorise a Silver Dress

There’s something beautiful about silver dresses. They are bold yet elegant. But the wrong kinds of accessories can make the dress look bad. While everyone should focus on your outfit, you need some basic accessories to complete the look.

We are here to give you some ideas! We have some silver formal dresses in Australia styling ideas. So, dive right in to discover the top five ways to accessorise.

#1 Wear Silver Accessories With Your Silver Dress

When wearing a silver dress, you must keep it elegant and simple. You have to choose something cool-toned and simplistic. The first thought is to go for accessories with a silver hue. It should be lightweight and not too chunky.

Some dainty and delicate jewellery works well with shiny silver dresses. Always remember that simplicity is the key when accessorising your dazzling silver dress.

#2 Blue Tones Look Lovely

You are choosing silver formal dresses in Australia for your event so that all eyes will be on you. But the trouble is that not every colour accessory would look great on a silver dress. You have to choose accessories with a blue tone. Choose turquoise or purple colour accessories. Other blue-tinted shades work well with your silver dress.

Do not choose warm-coloured accessories because they will not look great with a dazzling silver dress.

#3 No Loud Neckpiece, Please

We do not suggest opting for a loud neckpiece because you are already wearing a bold and beautiful silver dress. You could play with colours and wear a loud necklace if you chose a solid-coloured gown.

Opt for quiet jewellery that shines but does not compete with your silver dress. A delicate chain or a pretty pendant works with your silver dress. As for the colour, we have already shared with you about the blue tint accessories.

#4 A Simple Bracelet Will Do The Trick

Silver dresses make you look like a diva, so you don’t have to wear an attention-seeking accessory. A simple bracelet will look great with your outfit. Think of a chain bracelet or a delicate bracelet with blue stones. Silver bangles are also pretty with a silver dress.

Do not wear a chunky bracelet that may compete with your dazzling dress. Less is always more – remember this phrase forever.

#5 Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Marylin Monroe has said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They have a natural sparkle, too, which will go with the silver dress. Diamonds are the best bet if you want something exquisite with your dress.

But don’t opt for chunky diamonds. Perhaps a thin choker made of diamonds or a chain bracelet with diamonds would be great. You will get a shimmering appearance, too.


You shimmer and shine without a silver dress on you. But a silver dress on a special occasion can be the perfect outfit for a dazzling YOU. Are you ready to dazzle and shine at the next gathering?

Make sure you have the right accessories with your beautiful, shiny dress. That’s how you will capture everyone’s attention at the event.