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Get the Right Skirt Length for Your Body

Lengths of skirts and dresses come in all sorts of styles, from barely touching your thighs to trailing along the floor. Interestingly, the fashion for short and long skirts rises and falls as quickly as the Australian stock market. 


But whether we’re in a boom or a recession, you want to make sure that you wear the correct length skirt for your body type and the occasion. You don’t have to stick to one type of skirt. But you should think about what different skirt lengths suit your shape and body and which situations it’s appropriate to wear them in. For example, formal dresses are almost never suited to the work environment.

Mini and Short Skirts

Mini and short skirts can be tremendously flattering on lots of different body shapes. Ideally, a short skirt should end where your fingertips lie on your thighs when you stand up with your arms straight by your sides. Any shorter and you risk showing just a little too much flesh. Showing some leg can be a good thing though, as it elongates your body.

They’re especially good if you’re petite or have shorter legs. And if you aren’t one for showing skin you can show off your hosiery and shoes instead. But be careful wearing shorter skirts in more formal or professional situations. You should also avoid short skirts if you have a fuller midriff.


Knee-length Skirts

Skirts that fall at, above or just below the knee are versatile and look great on just about any body shape. They don’t have to fall exactly to your knee, which is great if you have shorter or longer legs. It doesn’t matter if they end up a little higher or lower than intended.

Knee-length skirts are perfect for dressing for a job interview, because they’re smart (especially a smart pencil skirt) but not too restricting. If you have shorter legs, you can raise your skirt a little above the knee to show more skin and elongate your legs.


Midi Skirts

Midi skirts can be difficult to wear because they tend to fall mid-calf, which is the fuller part of your calves. If you have lean calves and are average to tall height, a midi skirt can look great if you style it the right way. But if you have thick calves or are petite, it might be best to avoid midi skirts.

Long and Maxi Skirts

You need to be careful about choosing the right skirt. It can be difficult for petite women to wear a floor-length skirt, which could make them look smaller and shorter. Snug-fitting maxi skirts are best for petite people, so a flowing skirt doesn’t swallow their figure. Taller women usually look great with a flowing maxi skirt, and they’re brilliant for the summer.

Bridesmaid's Dress Pink


If you’re unsure about which hemlines are best for which occasions, just remember that more professional environments call for less skin.

Save your fun and flirty skirts and dresses for nights out and avoid them in the office.



What Colour Dress To Wear On New Year’s Eve?


With Christmas coming up it’s time to plan your New Year’s Eve party look. Events such as these usually require formal dresses that revolve around eye-catching and exquisite designs. These are rare events, indeed.

Ravishing dresses, hair pinned up, and jewellery on, women should be adorned with their best. Searching for the perfect formal dress or party gown can have many challenges, with all different shades, shapes, and textures.

Dresses look and fit differently on each person, too. Black, on the other hand, is a universal colour that leaves everyone feeling absolutely radiant and glowing from head to toe.

Sparkle, sequins, and little bit more sparkle. New Year’s Eve parties give you the perfect reason to go all out when dressing up. If you want to go all out with the sparkle then check out our stunning full-length dress below, made from stretchy sequin fabric, featuring an asymmetrical strapless neckline with a form-fitting skirt and floor-sweeping train, its an ideal dress for New Years Eve.


New Year’s Eve is the ideal opportunity to sparkle and shine your way into next year.

At Tina Holly we believe there are lots of options for what dress colour to wear on New Year’s Eve and we also have lots of dress styles to choose from including

Axis Dresses


Mermaid Dresses

Halter Dresses

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Strapless Dress

Whats your favourite dress colour for New Years Eve?

While black dresses have been in style for decades and are a staple in the fashion world. Just look at Audrey Hepburn and Morticia Adams. These are gorgeous women who both looked amazing in black.  Black never goes out of style and very seldom will your choice be regrettable.

However, if a simple black dress is not your thing. Then choose your colour dress, add your favourite jewellery to make the dress more you, and of course, to help you stand out in a crowd. A simple and elegant formal dress will be a wardrobe staple for years to come and can be worn more often to suit many different occasions. 

What Colour Dress To Wear On New Year’s Eve?

Most women elect for brightly coloured red formal dresses that are layered with jewels for a big night. Around the world, red is worn to bring love, luck, prosperity and good fortune.

Opting for a more subtle approach will have you standing out in a sea of pastel but sparkling gowns. You can find a dress that has an intricate bodice or lace for something seductive and elegant. These will be even more eye-catching than the rainbow of other colours. 

So, next time there is a formal occasion, think about purchasing a fail-proof option as there as lots of formal dress choices available.. A sexy, sleek dress that will continue to hold up even decades to come.